You heard what Cam Newton said, but what did his body language say?

Within 2 seconds of hearing “routes”, Newton started to smile, the right corner of his mouth pulled up first before it turned into a symmetrical, polite smile. He pull back and turned his body away from the reporter. When you’re looking for changes in body language; timing is important. A stimulus occurs first followed by a reaction. Usually the the reaction occurs within a few seconds of the stimulus.

Newton's smile where his teeth showed and his lip corners pulled towards his ears suggested that he wasn't sure about a woman talking about routes. It was like oil and water; they don't mix. So the body language paired with his words indicated how he felt.

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Blanca Cobb is a WFMY News 2 Contributing Editor, body language expert and keynote speaker/corporate trainer who covers nonverbal communication, psychology and behavior. Follow her @blancacobb. The opinions expressed in this article are exclusively hers.