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Taste & Tell all! Carolina Classic Fair food

Food & travel writer Nikki Miller-Ka tasted the new offerings and tells all.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Food at the fair. It's not just the regular folks talking about it. Local food and travel writers are tasting and telling all!

Nikki Miller-Ka goes by niksnacks on Instagram and gave a quick culinary tour of the fair. Here are a few of her favorites!

“Cotton candy fried dough. It's a new item this year, I think there are a total of 15 new items that have never been at the Carolina Classic Fair. It's gorgeous, it's beautiful, it's definitely Instagram worth or TikTok worthy if you're into that thing,” said Nikki.

She says not to miss the gummy Ramen noodles. She loved they served it to you with chopsticks, and it just tastes like sugar, not savory.

She is a lover of the dill pickle lemonade from our friends from Mt. Olive. It’s sweet and a little sour.

“It's a BBQ bomb and it will definitely blow your mind. It's a layered dish, it's got mac and cheese on the bottom, and there's a deep-fried puff pastry that's stuffed with the pulled BBQ, coleslaw, and crispy onions on top of that,” said Nikki.

Don’t miss the Sugar Waffle. They’re sold in a package of three. Nikki says it has the flavor of a fortune cookie with powdered sugar and is delicate.

“I can see it at a fine dining restaurant as a dessert or as a garnish. It's very indulgent but it won't overpower your senses. And while it comes in a bag of three so you can either share them or eat them all yourself, I  know sharing is caring but I want them all for myself,” said Nikki.

There’s more of course, and WFMY News 2 will be headed to the Carolina Classic Fair on Thursday. We’ll update the story with more yummies.

Here's a look at the new offerings from the North Carolina State Fair:

  • Deep-fried piggy tails: Fried bacon, cinnamon, and sugar
  • Deep-fried bacon with these mac-and-cheese tacos
  • Frozen banana pudding tacos which of course come with a Nilla wafer

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