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Plans changing for huge housing development that could double Jamestown's population

Diamondback Investment Group says they still want Jamestown to have a small town feel, so they've made some crucial changes to the proposal.

JAMESTOWN, N.C. — You all spoke up, and Diamondback Investment Group listened. 

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The investment group sent out an updated plan after listening to questions and concerns from Jamestown residents at two February 13th public meetings.

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In a new statement, the developers say they're addressing the following main concerns voiced by residents: 

  • Concern about the commercial area across from Cedarwood
  • Concern about the amenity location across from Jordan Creek townhomes 
  • Desire to preserve the farmhouse on the property. Desire to catalogue artifacts
  • Concerns about traffic 
  • Concerns about schools 
  • Desire to make the commercial area consistent with small town feel of Jamestown 
  • Concerns about the 312 apartment units 
  • Desire for sidewalks on Mackay Road

First things first, a spokesperson for Diamondback says big box commercial is out. 

Our new plan will eliminate the big box commercial area across Guilford College Road from the Cedarwood neighborhood. The plan will incorporate limited street retail below living spaces on an interior road that will be located within the property and buffered by residential uses, away from the Cedarwood neighborhood. These street retail shops are intended to address the desire to make any commercial element more consistent with the small town feel of Jamestown. These spaces will be for local small business uses such as boutique stores or restaurants. 

Jordan Creek residents have arguably been the most vocal about the proposed development that has the potential of doubling Jamestown's population, because of its proximity to the current Johnson property. 

Our new plan will move the amenity across from Jordan Creek town homes to a place farther to the interior of the property to address concerns of the Jordan Creek residents. 

For those who might miss the familiar sight of the iconic farmhouse on the Johnson Property, the developers are working on a plan to keep it. 

We have a meeting planned with historic preservationists to see what might be done with the farmhouse that is located on the property known as the “Armstrong House.” We are willing to donate the house. We will report on our meetings as these discussions proceed. 

Traffic concerns! Need I say more? Many are worried about the influx of people these homes would bring, and how that'll translate on the road.

We will update the traffic study once the new plan is complete. We will make whatever traffic improvements are necessary to ensure a safe and efficient traffic flow to and from the property. 

The original plan included building about 1700 units, divvied up into 312 apartments and more than 1300 homes. That's now changed a bit in this new plan.

We are exploring a plan to scale back the apartments to no more than 240 apartment units. Additionally, we have been working with a few senior housing developers to explore the feasibility of developing a senior independent living community along Guilford College Road. We will address the desire for sidewalks on Mackay Road as the new plan takes its final shape. 

What else will "Castleton Village" include?

We hope to work with the town council on some public areas that we plan to build into the plan, including parks/playing fields for the general public and a potential farmers market. There will be additional civic use properties that will be located in areas that will be readily accessible for all of Jamestown to benefit from and enjoy. 

In the new statement, there was no specific mention on the potential population increase, and its impact on Guilford County Schools.