GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- Your neighbors are excellent voters! Your voting history is public record!

Have you seen a mailer like this? It's a tactic being dubbed as 'voter shaming.' The mailers range in detail but often include information letting you know that voting records are public, so someone can find out if you did or didn't vote in an election.

Though to some they might give off an intimidating tone, these mailers are perfectly legal. Through voter registration, things like your name, where you voted and when you voted is public record. Anyone can access it through local boards of elections if they take the time to do so.

If you do get one of these mailers, you might want to check the fine print. You can usually tell who sent you the mail. Many come from various political or bi-partisan groups with the mail goal of encouraging people to get out and vote.

And although you can't opt out of your voting history being public record, there's usually a way you can opt out of the mailers or the research they're conducting. Again, just check the fine print.