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Check Your Speed: Police and Deputies Are Slowing Down Traffic To Keep Everyone Safe On Greensboro Highways

Greensboro police, Guilford County officers are looking for speeders, seat belt violations, reckless driving, and really anything that puts people at risk.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Highway 29, Interstate 40, and Interstate 85 Business are three roads where you are going to see more law enforcement than usual.

After increased wrecks, and reports of unsafe driving the Greensboro Police Department and Guilford County Sheriff's Office are teaming up to keep the roads safe at all times.

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"No specific times, no time frames. It will be the Greensboro Police Department and the Guilford County Sheriff's Office. We will be utilizing marked and unmarked patrol vehicles along with police motorcycles," said Officer Carter with the Greensboro Police Department.

The initiative isn't nearly as specific as in the past either. Law enforcement isn't just focusing on drunk driving, or just focusing on speeding.

They're looking for speeding, seat belt violations, reckless driving, and really anything that puts people at risk.

"Be aware that at any given time a police officer could be anywhere and we are always trying to prevent these crashes, prevent speeders," said Officer Carter.

This time around, it isn't a weekend stint either. This is going to be going on for the next three months.

"We feel the extended period will help get the word out and change drivers' behaviors. In the past I've seen we do something for a weekend and come Monday, Tuesday things are back to the way they were so we believe that extended period will help change behavior in drivers," said Officer Carter.

They believe a weekend isn't long enough for people to change habits, but hope a few months will be.

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