Elisabeth Kinney says she was walking her three Havanese dogs, Shu Shu, Madri, and little Hetty, on Christmas Day when she was attacked by a neighborhood dog in Germanton.

She was scratched, bruised and bitten.

Elisabeth Kinney

"We were attacked by a dog and I had to let all the leashes go, I was walking my dogs, and my puppy Hetty just took off she was so scared," Kinney said.

Hetty ran away and has been missing ever since. Shu Shu walked away unscathed but Madri is badly hurt by the attack. 

"She had a lot of puncture wounds, she had to have emergency surgery and she has a lot of stitches."

The good news is, Madri and Shu Shu are home safe. The bad news: Hetty is still on the loose as of Friday night. 

"We’ve been able to get a dog tracker to pick up the scent and I'm hoping we find her I want her to come home."

Elisabeth hired a dog hunter and has been putting up these flyers of Hetty all over Stokes County.

Elisabeth Kinney

Elisabeth said Surry/Stokes Animal Control picked up the dog who attacked them and will be quarantined for ten days. She believes the dog was a lab mix. 

The dog hunter picked up on Hetty's scent in one concentrated area of Germanton so Elisabeth is hopeful she will find her. The search was called off because it was getting dark but will resume over the weekend. 

"Hettys coming home, she’s coming home, I know it,” Elisabeth said.

If you spot Hetty, call Elisabeth immediately: 207-212-5221. Please do not call or go near her as she’s so scared she will run more.