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Greensboro safety inspection shows issues found at The Blind Tiger

Members of Greensboro's Safety Review Board inspected the building and found several problems.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The Blind Tiger, a nightclub in Greensboro, reopened Tuesday after the city of Greensboro ordered it to close temporarily. Two investigations are underway into two shootings that happened outside the building within a week of each other. The investigations put The Blind Tiger on the Safety Review Board's radar, sparking the inspection.

The inspections found several problems inside and outside the building, forcing the venue to close until the problems were fixed. A city spokesperson said Tuesday that The Blind Tiger satisfied necessary requirements to reopen.

Documents obtained by WFMY News 2 reveal details of those inspections and the changes recommended by Greensboro Fire, Greensboro Police, Engineering and Inspections, Neighborhood Development/Code Enforcement and field operations.

The report said The Blind Tiger had until a May 17 hearing at the city's Code Compliance Office to make required changes. Otherwise, the venue faced demolition of its building.


Inspectors found several code violations with the venue's handrails, guards, interior doors, surfaces, stairs and walls. They also found several alterations were made to the building without obtaining proper permits or reviewed plans.

Some of those alterations included relocated fire alarms and new partitions in walls. The building owners also did not have reports or inspections at the time of the city's review. Inspectors found a new egress door, a door in the path of an exit, that could be blocked by parked cars. They also found a curtain was blocking an egress door. The report said the owners also did not have a certification for the stage curtain at the time of the city's review.

Inspectors said they found combustible materials in a mechanical room. They said several fire extinguishers were missing from the property. The report identified electrical issues such as open junction boxes, missing breakers and extension cords used in place of permanent wiring.


The report stated The Blind Tiger failed to maintain its exterior structure, specifically noting lack of maintenance to the windows, skylight and door frames.

Inspectors wrote that the garage door at the front of the building was erected without proper permits.

The city noted a trash issue at the venue. They said the place had ten trash bins, and owners worked with the city to obtain a dumpster instead.


The Greensboro Police Department's Vice Narcotics Division spoke to The Blind Tiger's owners. They said there is no information or evidence that an act of violence occurred inside the building, though two shootings did occur outside the building. They also discussed safety measures and policies to employ at the venue.

The report stated specifically, "nightlife safety is a priority and these inspections revealed issues that affect the patron's safety while enjoying the night life in our city."

The report said the venue's owners worked with city officials to obtain the permits necessary to stay open. It also said the ALE opened an investigation because The Blind Tiger has an ABC license.

The Blind Tiger had an event scheduled for Tuesday night. At last check, their hearing is still scheduled for May 17.

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