Greensboro, N.C. -- New York City has Central Park, Chicago has Grant Park, and Greensboro has the Battleground Parks District. That's how city leaders are selling their plan to turn 400 acres and 4 parks into a tourist destination.

The Guilford Courthouse National Military Park, Country and Jaycee Park, and the Greensboro Science Center attract nearly 2 million visitors each year. That's one big reason the city of Greensboro is rebranding the parks cradled between Lawndale Drive and Battleground Avenue as the Battleground Parks District.

New signs will be posted to help people navigate the 400 acres and the city is constructing a new loop to connect each park.

"What we're proposing is taking the roadway and creating a loop so at any point, I could get on the tram and go from the Zoo, over to the battlefield. This will create opportunities for interpretive tours, obviously an easier traffic pattern makes it much more user friendly," explained Chris Wilson, Interim Assistant City Manager, City of Greensboro.


The road construction would only be within the park. Along the path, signs will be posted telling visitors what to expect at the Science Center or what type of activities they can do at Country Park.

"So creating this themed facility atmosphere where it's exciting to be there, you know there is multiple things to do, great day for the family, science, education, recreation," said Wilson.

This project involves public and private partners and has an estimated price-tag of $20 million.

"I think when you travel around, you don't see the park systems that we have here and it's something that's already here that we can capitalize on and really take advantage of," said Greensboro resident, Jay Brower.

He added, "I think it's a great idea. It's another way to make the city a better place to be. We can promote it to make it a place that's a destination to enjoy."

"It's an attraction, I really feel like it could be an attraction with more advertisement and people knowing more about it, I feel like this would be a place where people want to come," said Gretchen Thomas, Greensboro resident.

"It's just a really cool, unique opportunity but yet another opportunity for Greensboro to sort of go up to that next tier," said Wilson.

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