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Confirmed coronavirus outbreak at Pleasant Garden nursing home

There are 32 coronavirus cases at the Clapps Nursing Home in Pleasant Garden, administrators said.

PLEASANT GARDEN, North Carolina — Thirty-two cases of the coronavirus have been reported by administrators at the Clapps Nursing Home in Pleasant Garden, North Carolina.

Danielle Hollowell, an administrator with the facility, confirmed 20 cases are residents, while 12 are staff members. Many of the cases are asymptomatic, administrators said.

The first person tested positive on Friday. The test was given as a routine hospital visit for another procedure, administrators said.

All residents have been tested and Clapps Nursing Home staff is staying in close contact with family members of those affected, according to administrators.

The nursing home said it has been taking extra precautions to protect against the coronavirus since March.

Clapps Nursing Home released the following statement:

As soon as we learned of the positive case, we began to implement our COVID-19 response plan. As part of our response, we tested everyone in the facility because the virus had presented itself silently in so many cases.

Within 48 hours of discovering our first case, all 99 residents and more than 60 staff members had been tested. We have received test results for 98 of 99 residents and currently have 20 confirmed positive cases. Most of these residents are asymptomatic. In addition, 12 staff members have also tested positive for COVID-19. Many of them are not showing symptoms.

Our employees have worked tirelessly since early March to follow all guidelines from the CDC to prevent the spread of the virus. We’ve also been busy preparing for the possibility of an outbreak. We are currently working to mitigate the spread and keep our entire Clapp’s Family safe, residents and employees alike.

We recognize that our resident’s families are worried about their loved ones and we know you miss them dearly. We want to thank them for the immense support we have received from family members. We appreciate the trust they have placed in us to care for their loved ones.

This has been a very challenging event for all long-term care providers, but there is one thing that I remain certain of — there are heroes working in this facility who have sacrificed their own families to take care of others. We could not be more proud to be part of a team with such dedicated and caring people.

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