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'He was Not Returning My Calls, Texts or Anything.' After Contractor Flakes WFMY News 2 Helps Homeowner Get Money

Sandy Teague wanted a refurbished living room and kitchen. She got the living room but the contractor bailed before finishing the kitchen.

MCLEANSVILLE, N.C. — The red brick house sits on a dead-end road in McLeansville surrounded by giant trees. Sandy Teague has lived in the home more than 20 years, “I love it, it’s a great house,” said Teague.

Earlier this year she planned to do some renovating in the kitchen and living room. Teague found a contractor and hired him to do the living room first. 

New wood floors were put in, the popcorn ceiling was removed, and a fresh coat of paint was put on the walls. The man she hired also cleaned the fireplace to give the entire room a new look, “Everything was just like I wanted, he did a great job,” said Teague.

A couple of months later Teague again hired Ray Salazar to refurbish the kitchen. Teague wanted new countertops and cabinets put in along some new lighting. The project started out fine but then Salazar started to miss appointments, “He just wouldn’t show up some days,” said Teague.

Teague says this lasted several months, Salazar always having an excuse as to why he didn’t show. Eventually, Teague asked for her money back so she could hire someone else to do the work. 

Teague paid Salazar $7,500 to remodel the kitchen. He did do some work but apparently never ordered or installed the cabinets and countertops, “He was not returning my calls or texts or anything,” said Teague.

A different contractor was hired to finish the job, but Teague was out the money she gave Salazar, “I just wanted some of the money back,” said Teague.

Unable to reach Salazar she called our 2 Wants To Know Call for Action Volunteers to see if we could help. After starting a case file and reaching out to Salazar on several occasions he eventually agreed to meet Teague at her home to settle on an amount owed.

I went to Teague’s home on the day of the meeting, but Salazar was not on time. Teague waited about 15 minutes after he was scheduled to show before calling him. Salazar answered and said he would be there in 20 minutes, “I don’t think he’s going to show,” said Teague.

About 45 minutes later Teague called again and again Salazar said he would be there soon. More than two hours went by and Salazar had still not shown up, “I don’t have any faith in him what so ever,” said Teague.

The meeting was scheduled for 5pm and at 7:30pm Salazar knocked on the door, “Whatever I have to do, I am happy to pay, no problem,” said Salazar. After going over the work and the cost associated with the work that was done versus the work not finished Salazar agreed to refund $3,500, “I know I put her through a lot,” said Salazar.

Teague just glad she has part of the money back and can move on from this, “Thank you so much,” said Teague. It took several months but the case was finally closed, that is until Teague went to cash the check, “The bank told me there is no money in the account,” said Teague.

We reached back out to Salazar who told us it was an “honest” mistake with his business account. He promised to get the money to Teague in the next few days. It took a lot longer than a few days and not all the money has been given to Teague, but Salazar has returned about $2,300, “I hope he eventually gets all of it to me, but I’m happy I got some of it back,” said Teague.


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