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Coronavirus is making your 4th of July cookout more expensive

The price of meat has gone up from last year. 2 Wants To Know looks at how much and why.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Before you hit the grill this weekend, you're probably going to get fired up about the price of meat. 

Even shopping at a bargain grocery store for one of the cheapest cuts of beef: in the Triad, Chuck pot roast is still $6.47 per pound. That's up exactly $1 from this time last year according to the federal government's price history website.

And a middle of the road steak in a middle of the road grocery store has an even more dramatic price increase. Sirloin is up to $10.99 a pound from $8.62 last year: an increase of $2.37 per pound.

About a month ago, Tyson Foods predicted this would happen. The company had to stop production at some of its plants after coronavirus outbreaks.

And today Meatandpolutry.com says 57 meatpacking plants across the country are closed today. This drop-in supply comes as demand is going up. Any way you slice it, experts think we'll be paying more for meat until coronavirus gets sorted out.

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