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Coronavirus impact on Triad summer camps

Executive director of camp weaver Jamie Cosson said they know they will have to make changes but their not ready to put the brakes on summer just yet.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Life is different, no way around that statement.

We could see some places re-open, next week, but what about summer camps?

Is that another thing kids won't be able to do this yea?

Right now many camps are optimistic, but one mother decided to un-enroll her daughter from planned summer camps because of the coronavirus.  

She thinks it's too risky and too soon.

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“It's going to be throwing her to the wolves being in that open environment," she said. 

Executive Director of Camp Weaver Jamie Cosson said they’ll have to make changes, but they’re not ready to put the brakes on summer -- just yet.

“I think once we get all these procedures and guidelines out we'll have the data in front of us to make the most educated decision,” Cosson said.

Camp Weaver hosts 2,000 kids each summer.

From horseback riding to swimming to obstacle courses.

It's a lot for kids to do --- but camp leaders know things will have to be different.

Fun things happening at camp today! Rigamajig is so versatile, check out this scooter!

Posted by YMCA Camp Weaver on Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Cosson said he and camps across the state are waiting on guidance from the CDC, the state health department and the American Camp Associations.

“They're working on health care procedures like what does screening look like to do the best we can to keep out the virus,” Cosson said. “What does cabin life look like? What’s the role of the medical professionals. They’re going to dig deep to help us understand that.”

Cosson said he thinks camps are still possible whether they're shortened, done in smaller groups or held virtually.

 We will keep you updated on a final decision.


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