CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A shocking confrontation happened between drivers near the SouthPark Mall on Tuesday.

A woman told NBC Charlotte another driver threatened to shoot her and her husband in a case of road rage. However, the couple stood their ground and warned the suspect they had a concealed carry license. The suspect backed down.

“It should have never happened, but it’s life,” said Charlene Clarke.

Clark said she and her husband had just left the Cheesecake Factory and were stopped at a red light near 6100 Fairview Road. When the light turned green, Clarke said another car cut them off and nearly hit her husband’s pickup truck.

“My husband beeped the horn and she (the other driver) stuck her hand out the window and was cussing at us,” Clarke said.

Things escalated at the next stoplight. Clarke said the other driver, who had people with her in the car, got out of the vehicle. Clarke and her husband did the same.

“She had told us she was going to shoot our white tails,” said Clarke.

That’s when Clark says she gave a warning of her own.

“As soon as I mentioned we had the concealed carry, she got right back in her vehicle,” said Clarke. “If I had not said that, she might have come up and tried to fight us, she was so irate.”

Clarke called 911 after the driver returned to her car. She said the other driver never pulled a gun,. But in hindsight, she and her husband should not have exited their vehicle. Now she's asking others to respect each other on the road.

“If she would have put her signal on and wanted to get over, that would have been fine,” said Clarke.

So far, no arrests have been made in the case. Police say it’s an active and ongoing investigation.

Road rage has led to violence in other recent cases. In January, a 60 year-old man was punched in the face near Providence and Sardis, not far away from Clarke’s confrontation.

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