GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Calvin Summers, Jr. was working like he's done everyday for the past 12 years on February 23rd. The veteran custodian was sweeping floors, checking on the grounds of General Greene Elementary when his normal afternoon suddenly changed.

“I hear a bunch of commotion out on the playground as far as the kids yelling and screaming," said Summers.

Realizing it wasn't the normal happy screams of children playing, he started to make his way towards the playground.

“Next thing you know I have parents running down the hall screaming, call 911.”

He stopped another teacher, who was walking outside with a fire extinguisher to ask what was going on.

"They said there’s a car in the building," Summers remembered.

Heart pumping, he ran outside, trying to prepare himself for what he might possibly see. Students were enjoying afternoon recess at the time.

“Pretty close to 100 kids. Several classes were out here at that time.”

To his relief, Summers found out no kids were injured, despite the driver crashing through a fence, crossing the playground in the car, hitting a pole and then crashing into a wall.

After seeing the smoking car crushed into the wall, Summers and a P.E. teacher removed the driver, placed her on the ground and checked for a pulse- but there was none.

Summers began CPR and the P.E. teacher administered a defibrillator until paramedics arrived at the scene. The woman was later taken to the hospital by EMS.

According to the police report, the woman had a heart attack, struck another car, which sent her flying into the school's fence. Summers was told the woman was banged up, but will be okay.

As for being called a hero, Summers, a volunteer firefighter with Guilford County said, "I really don’t see myself as a hero. I was just doing what I was trained to do.”

Summers said many of the students know a little about what happened on the playground and have given him hugs and told him good job.

"That makes me feel real good that they see that in me."