GREENSBORO, N.C.-- Parents beware. There's an abundance of dangerous and potentially deadly trends teenagers are getting sucked in to.

Teenagers across the country are risking everything – chasing a high in ways you can't imagine.

"I don't think parents know to to extent of what they're kids are doing,” high school student Viviana Arriola said .

They're getting ideas from a toxic mix of curiosity and ignorance splattered all over the internet.

Instead of just drinking – teenagers are now smoking alcohol. A 2-liter bottle, alcohol, and a tire pump is all you need.

"It just hits them that much quicker and take all the water content out of it so it's that much more detrimental to what's going on," said Gordie Bufton.

Bufton is now a motivational speaker. He is a recovering drug addict who turned his life around after escaping from a psych ward.

"Instead of taking 4 or 5 shots of it's almost instantaneous," said Bufton.

Kids are also snorting, sniffing, and smoking over the counter meds at an alarming rate.

"We're talking about 10, 12, 15, 17 year old kids who are abusing substances."

These potent pills are found in most homes - and millions of pills get circulated between teenagers.

"A lot of the medications get passed around at the schools."

Trying to chase the ultimate high, these pills are being taken in high quantities-- crushed and snorted to increase the euphoria.

Teens are dancing with danger without even knowing it.

"When you get these super super high levels, you certainly can die."

The popular pills and medicines include Benadryl, Mucinex D, Tylenol, and Robitussin. The cheap high can lead to much bigger problems.

"It happens, and it happens fast, and once their on that train, down that slippery slope, it's really hard to stop it."

According to Consumer Med Safety, one in 10 kids between 7th and 12 grade abused over the counter medicine.

The last alarming trend teens are using to get high is pornography.

"I think this can be potentially more detrimental than alcohol and drugs. It gives the individual a high for about 6 hours – when cocaine is only a high for an hour. Kids become addicted to the feeling they get when they watch this and they can't turn it off," said Bufton.

They might even re-enact some of what they see -- things like choking or tying someone's hands up.

It's a trend that experts fear could jeopardize future relationships.

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