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More than 300 students in Davidson County potentially exposed to COVID-19

The Davidson County Health Department said it's worked with all three school districts but it's up to the districts on quarantine and isolation.

DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. — Schools across all three districts in Davidson County are dealing with COVID-19 close contacts and/or cases, with more than 300 students required to quarantine in Davidson County Schools.

According to the Davidson County Schools COVID-19 dashboard on Friday, 398 students were identified as close contacts during the week of August 16 -20. 373 students were required to quarantine. 58 students tested positive. 

"There’s a lot of parents that are upset that the school board isn’t handling things the way they should be handled and they feel they are potentially endangering their children," said Davidson County grandparent Tom Kotlarsz.

According to the dashboard, 31 staff members have tested positive for COVID-19.

Lexington City Schools says they've only had eight COVID-19 cases in the first week of school. There have been 25 close contacts but only four have gone home due to contact in school. Officials with Lexington City Schools say they have not had any in-school transmission. They credit their low numbers to their mandatory mask policy. Davidson County Schools is mask-optional.

As of Thursday, August 18, Thomasville City Schools reported 20 students as close contacts and in quarantine. Eight students have tested positive. 

Kotlarsz says the community needs to come together for the children.

“This is where we need to step up and do the best that we can do as a people and a society," said Kotlarsz. "So do the right thing, implement the right protocols and let people know.”

The Davidson County Health Department said quarantine and isolation are up to each school district and could not comment on quarantines and isolations actively taking place. The health department says it worked with each district and recommended the Strong Schools NC Toolkit for schools to go by. The toolkit recommends close contacts be out for 7-14 days. They can return on day 8 if they have no symptoms and tests negative on days five, six or seven. But, they must wear a mask until day 14. If they don't want to be tested and have no symptoms, they can return on day 11. 

Someone who tests positive for COVID-19 must quarantine for 14 days.