GREENSBORO, N.C. — The set of railroad tracks through Eastern Greensboro from Franklin Boulevard to Downtown is one of the deadliest corridors in the state, that's according to the Greensboro Police Department (GPD).

They said too many people have been killed while trying to cross the railroad tracks whether by foot or by car. At least eight people have died on railroad tracks in Greensboro in the past couple of years. One person just died about three weeks ago.

"One death on the train tracks is one too many. We want to make it zero," said Marikay Abuzuaiter, Greensboro City Council member. This is why Abuzuaiter, GPD, Norfolk Southern, and Operation Lifesaver teamed up on Wednesday. They passed out flyers and key chains to remind drivers and walkers of the dangers of railroad crossings.

Damen Vega was one of the walkers that passed by. He said he already knows not to cross the tracks because he lost a friend because of it.

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"I've had several friends get killed on the railroad tracks. One lady, Marie, she was killed walking the railroad tracks and that right there is a sign don't nobody need to be walking those railroad tracks," Vega said.

"You could be that 'not me.' Everyone believes, 'not me, I can cross the tracks.' Those 'not me' are the ones that are getting killed. If they could come back.. they'd tell you this is a bad decision. Stay away from the tracks," Officer J.B. Price said.

GPD will continue to patrol the area on ATV's. They said if you're caught, you could be prosecuted and charged for trespassing.

In 2018 NCDOT released a dramatic video shoing dangers of drivers trying to beat the train. WATCH