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What's driving the Great Resignation in Guilford County? | Here's what a survey has found out so far

GuilfordWorks has now extended its Great Resignation survey, looking to find out why people are leaving jobs in the community.

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — GuilfordWorks is giving people more time to respond to its Great Resignation Survey which seeks to find out more about why people are leaving jobs and what they want out of employment. 

The survey was first launched in February in an effort to help both businesses and job seekers as people continue to leave their jobs across the country. People now have until March 21 to fill out the brief survey. 

You can fill out the survey here. 

More than 100 people have responded to the three questions asked on the survey: 

1. Describe your current work situation.

Based on preliminary data, 19.5% of respondents said they are gainfully employed and happy with their position. 25.8% said they are employed but dissatisfied with their current working conditions/pay. 34% said they are unemployed.

"Levels of dissatisfaction are tied to the need or desire for more flexible work schedules certainly increasing compensation benefits and certainly organizational culture and things of the like," said GuilfordWorks executive director Chris Rivera.

2. Are you currently looking for work or seeking a career change?

68% of respondents said they were looking for a career change. 32% said they were not. 

"I don’t believe that people are leaving jobs and deciding not to work they are just being super cautious and particular about what they are seeking," Rivera said.

3. Whether you are actively searching or not, select the reasons you have not accepted a job offer? Respondents are able to select more than one.

53.9% said it was due to available positions that do not offer sufficient compensation, benefits, or incentives. 53.9% cited flexibility or a good work/life balance. 32.8% said they were overqualified for most positions or the type of available work does not appeal to them. 

Rivera said they plan to use the data to improve GuilfordWorks' outreach to businesses and workers.

"We hear what the community is sharing with us we will certainly good stewards of that information we will continue to advocate for them," said Rivera.

The survey is technically for Guilford County, but Rivera said they are open to responses from the surrounding area as well. 


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