As a parent you can relate to the anger the father whose two daughters were victimized by Larry Nassar, physician of the US Gymnastics team. As a parent, it’s a natural instinct to protect your kids at all costs. You have a sacrificial love for your children. You've heard stories of parents taking justice into their own hands. Like Ellie Nesler who shot to death the man who allegedly molested her son.

Realize that it’s normal to feel anger against the person who’s hurt your child. However, strong emotions can cloud judgment because you make decisions in the moment. You don’t think through the long-term consequences.

To manage rage, get control of your impulses. When you attack, you’re working off adrenaline. Immediately disconnect from what’s triggering you. So avoid seeing the person who you’re angry with. Give yourself a key word such as calm to focus on. This way you're priming your brain on what to do. Duke it out on safe objects – at the gym, boxing, a run, shooting range, anywhere safe to let go of pent up energy.

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