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Guilford County crews continue clearing roads around schools

Crews are working hard to clear those secondary roads that are causing so many issues for drivers.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Guilford County Schools announced that most schools will be remote Thursday and all day on Friday, despite crews working hard to clear secondary roads that are causing issues for drivers. 

WFMY drove around Dudley, Grimsley, Northern Guilford, and Page High School Wednesday, and we found that the roads and parking lots were seemingly dry and free from ice. Plows have worked for the last few days, trying to clear the roadways, but backroads are still troublesome.

“It’s been pretty hectic, but we got a nice crew with us. We get the job done everybody gets together, and we know what time it is, and we get it done,” Donald VatEaton, an Equipment Operator with the City of Greensboro, explained. 

VatEaton spent Wednesday plowing the roadways around Page High School. He said the past few days, he worked long hours, but he didn't mind.

“It’s not difficult or anything like that. We prepare for it. We owe that to the citizens and Greensboro, we work for Greensboro, and that’s what we do,” VatEaton said. 

Even though the main roads are clear, Guilford County Schools announced that most schools are learning remotely on Thursday, and students will be fully remote on Friday.

VatEaton said the back roads are bad. Anthony Adams agrees.

Driving as the second youngest bus driver in the state, 19-year-old Adams said he understands why school is remote but is ready to get back.

"As a bus driver, yes, the main roads are clear, but we do go down a lot of side streets, and a lot of them are covered with trees and have a lot of ice on the ground, so once we get down to the side streets, it’s hard for us to navigate when we go down there it’s just icy,” Adams said. 

When the bus is on, Adams says every precaution is taken to ensure student safety. 

“I miss it. I love the kids. When the kids come back, it's just like a big ball of joy for them. We get them back to school, and we know ensuring that their safety is number one,” Adams explains. 

As we prepare for more winter weather in the next couple of days, the Guilford County Department of Transportation will meet Thursday morning to discuss plans for road crews.