With the Grammy’s this Sunday right here on WFMY, so many people line up to get a glimpse of their favorite stars. With artists and celebrities making connections with their fans, you never know when you’ll get a chance to meet your favorite celebrity.

And if you’re lucky, you just might get a selfie opportunity. But, what are the rules for interacting with stars?

Let’s say you see a celebrity and you want to say hello. Proceed with caution when you approach them. You don’t want to bombard anyone regardless of their celebrity status. Be friendly and say hello. Then watch them. Watch their body language. See how they respond to you.

You'll know if they're not interested in engaging with you. They may not look at you. They look down or away, turn their body away from you or walk away. Listen to their tone of voice. Sometimes, someone will tell you ok, but their voice doesn’t reflect it. When there’s a disconnect then back off.

If you get the ok from a celeb to take a selfie, how should do it?

Be confident and be ready. This isn't the time to figure out your camera on your phone. The biggest mistake I see is when fans get too getting to thecelebrity. Keep in mind that you might feel close to them because you follow them on social media and are tracking their. But, they don’t know you. So you have to be respectful of your physical distance.

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