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Eggs are expensive! Here are some alternatives

As the price of eggs continues to skyrocket, cooking experts say foods like bananas and apple sauce can be used as substitutes in certain dishes.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Eggs are both nutritious and expensive. The cost is up about 60% compared to last year. As the price of eggs continues to skyrocket, some may be looking for alternatives.

Ben Patterson is the Senior Executive Chef at Cone Health. He oversees the hospital's cafeterias and food service to patients. Though eggs are a key ingredient in many recipes, Patterson said there are ways to work around it.

“I've done banana bread with apple sauce and baking powder instead of eggs,” Patterson said. “I've done apple sauce pancakes, so you don't need to use the egg in that as well."

In addition to apple sauce, Patterson recommends bananas, pumpkin, and Silken tofu as substitutes for eggs. For those who enjoy eggs as a part of their meal for breakfast, he said chia seeds can offer some of the same benefits.

“They've really become quite popular,” Patterson said. “Not just on Bob Ross' head. They're popular in bowls. There are overnight meals you can make with chias."

All in all, Patterson said there's nothing quite like the real thing.

“They have such unique properties and work so uniquely in things, they can't just be substituted if you're doing a custard or a crème brûlée, really just fine pastry work, there just isn't a substitute that will equal to them, " Patterson said.

So, if you're baking a cake, he said you might just have to bite the bullet and take the price increase for eggs. 

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