WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A park that once was full of happy memories for Deonia Cole, now brings tears to her eyes.

"It was horrible," Cole said about the death of her fiance, Dorrell Brayboy.

The park was the place she and Brayboy had one of their first dates. Most recently, it's where they brought her boys and their 8-month-old daughter almost every week.

"Now that I think about it, God brought him to me because he was meant for me, we were meant for each other," Cole said about being with Brayboy.

Their family torn apart last Wednesday.

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Dorrell was stabbed to death at a Food Lion in Winston-Salem.

Deonia said she and the kids all witnessed what happened from the car.

"When he let his hand go, a waterfall of blood poured out of his stomach," Cole said.

She told WFMY Brayboy was arguing with another man. She cannot tell us who that man was. Police have said they are only looking for one suspect and this is an isolated incident.

"I did everything I could to save him and the only thing that gives me peace is to know that I was there with him," Cole said.

It was a tragic ending to Brayboy's story, but it's a story Deonia said most people know of, but don't truly understand. As a teenager, Brayboy was convicted of killing NBA player Chris Paul's grandfather. 

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However, she said Brayboy has worked hard to be a better man and even better father.

"In spite of everything, he was striving. He was trying to make his life better and do right by his loved ones," Cole said.

Now she said she will continue to share his story and how much of an impact he made on her life. Cole said she will also bring their daughter to the park to keep his memory alive.

Cole said investigators have leads in this case, but they have not confirmed that with WFMY.