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Empty shelves strike again across Triad stores, but don't worry!

Retail experts say there is no need to panic. They have plenty of supplies at their warehouse.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Paper towels, cleaning supplies and toilet paper shelves are almost wiped clean at Walmart, Sam's Club and Target across Greensboro, High Point and Kernersville checked Wednesday by 2 Wants To Know.

"It's just a hassle sometimes if you really need a certain item, now we gotta go some place across town," said one shopper.

Retailers across the country say there's been a rush on essential items since 26 states reinstated at least some coronavirus restrictions.

Charlie Soderberg made what she says might be the biggest single grocery store purchase of her life, complete with several turkeys.

"Gonna put it in storage containers, send it to my kids," she said.

On Facebook so many of you report similar issues in your neighborhood. Like Ashley who writes, "Not again please, people need to be considerate of others and stop over reacting."

Nathan adds: "Makes sense. Before the 2020 season finale, we get a recap. We'll probably have another murder hornet attack sometime around Thanksgiving."

And Marsha has a theory shared by many: "If the news would quit reporting the story everybody wouldn't run to the stores."

For the record, this story is telling you not to panic. There's no need to rush to the store according to Tiffany Sanders with Harris Teeter's parent company. She says they learned a lot from the start of the pandemic back, so they made sure warehouses are well stocked now.

"We're hoping this time around is to encourage people to only buy what they need right now," Sanders said. "There is plenty of product in the supply chain for everyone, as long as everyone buys only what they need right now."

Shelves should be refilled every night, so your best time to go shopping is early in the morning.