GREENSBORO, N.C. – It’s one of the largest job announcements for our area, as a local company plans to add 800 jobs.

Expert Global Solutions (EGS), an Alorica company, is the company adding hundreds of jobs. EGS is a customer service company and call center. The company is located on Federal Drive in High Point.

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The announcement comes at a time when jobs are desperately needed in Guilford County.

Layoffs have been happening all over.

This past summer, 375 people lost their jobs at ITG Brands in Greensboro.

Then, 80 people got laid off from Caterpillar in Winston-Salem last month.

Finally, hundreds more will lose their jobs when the Sears Call Center in High Point shuts down in February.

Nearly 5% (4.9) of the population in Guilford County is unemployed and that doesn't include the people who are jobless and not receiving unemployment benefits.

Loren Hill with the City of High Point says these new jobs could be crucial for a lot of families in the Triad.

"It's always good to have a job announcement. But to have an announcement of this magnitude with the quality and quantity of these jobs is amazing," said Hill. "800 jobs at one time is one of the largest single announcements that we've ever made. So, to announce that many jobs at one time is incredible."

The mayors of Greensboro and High Point will join company officials for the announcement.

Triad city and economic leaders have not released any details about the job openings, the salary range, or even the name of the company doing the hiring.

Still, a lot of people in the High Point area are excited about this huge opportunity for the community to grow.

"I’d love to see more people," said Mason Garner, mother of a nine-year-old girl. "More jobs will bring more people to High Point which means new retail, more restaurants and more things for people and families to go out and do."

"With the furniture industry being decimated here and the manufacturing that has left here and gone overseas, I think if we get 800 jobs here, that would be very, very good for our economy," said Scott Davis, who lives in High Point with his family. "I think with the addition of new industry and new jobs, we can do a lot more downtown. That’s always good when you can add more revenue to the economy."