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Why experts say you need to start Christmas shopping now

Money expert Ja'Net Adams explains why there's a big rush to get holiday shopping started early this year.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Santa has 75 days to get all the gifts ready to be delivered on Christmas Day, but money experts are encouraging consumers to start their shopping now.

According to CBS News, there are a number of factors contributing to this, including backed up ports, higher shipping costs and delays, labor shortages and a struggling trucking industry.

This is going to affect everything from small businesses and large retailers, to online companies.

Money expert Ja'Net Adams said if there's something specific you want to get someone, don't wait until Black Friday or December.

"If you see something right now, go ahead and get it because once people start realizing that the shortages are coming, they're going to start slamming these stores just like they do to grocery stores," Adams said.

She said stores are already trying to get ahead of the game. For example, Target is doing three days of deals right now to encourage shoppers to buy.

If you're not financially ready for the holidays, Adams recommends getting the little gifts now and wait to buy the big items on Black Friday.

"Put a little money aside each check, maybe $20, $30. Get a gift every check and then you won't feel the pressure of the supply chain issue and postal service and everything else when it gets closer to Christmas," Adams said.

Another bit of advice, Adams said instead of having a gift sent to you for you to wrap and ship to a loved one, just have it sent straight to your loved one so it arrives on time.

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