The Triad's two biggest cities don't fare very well in a new list ranking the best and worst cities for people with disabilities.

According to WalletHub, Winston-Salem and Greensboro are two of the lowest ranked cities across the country.

WFMY News 2's Erica Stapleton did some digging to see if the report paints a whole picture.

She went to meet Mark Steele, the Executive Director at The Adaptables Center for Independent Living, a Winston-Salem organization that specializes in advocating for people with disabilities.

He says he's skeptical of the list because it doesn't detail a lot of the research. It also paints all people with disablities with a broad brush.

"A lot of my perspective personally is on mobility access, curb cuts, transportation," Steele explains. "If you have someone that is deaf or hard of hearing they're going to have a whole other set of issues that they look at to make their life accessible."

He does, however, say the list should still serve as a waek-up call for Triad cities. The biggest concerns he sees at the center are for affordable and accessible housing, employment, transportation and accessiblitiy in general. He says a solution would probably come from state or federal funding to help make changes to local municipalities and infrastructures.

But as a life-long resident of Winston-Salem, Steele says he's seen plenty of progress over the years, including recent projects for more accessible sidewalks and parking downtown.

"People with disabilities, they're not asking for anything better than anybody else. They're just asking for equal access. Having curb cuts, sidewalks, available parking."

We checked in with leaders in Winston-Salem and Greensboro about the list. Both cities have committees that address disability concerns in the community and in 2014 Winston-Salem passed a $10 million bond for improving sidewalks around the city.

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