GREENSBORO, N.C. — Community identifications cards issued by nonprofit groups are growing in popularity. 

Now the Guilford County Sheriff's office says it too will recognize Faith Action ID cards as an acceptable form of identification.

For Sheriff Danny Rogers some identification is better than no identification at all.

Sheriff Rogers says the ID serves as a tool to help identify, protect and serve the community especially in the absence of any other form of ID.

He also added that it will help build trust between law enforcement and different groups of people who make up the community.

Rogers made the decision after meeting with Immigrant Rights Organizations. The sheriff in emails sent to WFMY News 2 also made clear his position on Immigration in Guilford County and shed more light on the adoption of the Faith Action Community ID program.

"Accepted by many law enforcement agencies in our state and the rest of the United States, the Faith Action ID is a community Identification card that many people in our community benefit from, including homeless and elderly individuals, those returning from jail, immigrants and refugees, and many others," read the statement from Sheriff Rogers.

The IDs do not replace a government ID like a driver's license. 

Rev. David Fraccaro, the Executive Director of Faith Action International House, the organization that makes the IDs said they're needed because not everyone has access to a government-issued ID.

Opponents to the ID card, say it helps people who are in the country illegally to skirt the law. To obtain a government ID requires proof of residency or citizenship.

They also say the information presented is not verified and leaves room for falsification.

Former Guilford County Sherrif BJ Barnes reacted to this development in a post to his Facebook page.

"It (Faith Action ID Card) has no dependable way to be validated. In fact, a reporter showed me one he had gotten. I asked if the address was his, he said no, it was just one he gave them, not his. With thousands entering the country each day, this is a dangerous decision," wrote Barnes.

Several law enforcement agencies across the state and country are recognizing similar community ID cards in the absence of official IDs'.

Greensboro Police department started recognizing the Faith Action ID cards in 2013.

You can get one for $10 with proof of identity and current address.


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