Slow down.

That's the message one neighborhood is telling drivers.

They're banding together, and putting up signs along their street to keep children safe.

Andrew Dudek says he isn't angry or upset, he is just concerned for the safety of his five year old daughter -- along with other kids who live on Maple Street in Greensboro.

"You know, my daughter is not the only child that lives there. There are tons of Children that live on Maple, and we just need more people to be aware of their surroundings and the speed limit," said Dudek.

Dudek said he and his neighbors got these signs to hopefully make people think twice before speeding, because even though Maple Street may seem like an extension of a larger road like Wendover Avenue -- this isn't the case.

While Greensboro Police don't doubt speeding is a problem on Maple Street, they say it goes much further than that -- it's all across the city.

"It's not VIR you know? This is a residential street. I know it feels like part of the highway, but it's not," said Dudek.

"Some are unaware that they're speeding, and others are just speed demons and everywhere they go, they're speeding. Whether they're late to work or whatever. It is just a natural habit to some," said Lt. W.J. Redfearn, with the Greensboro Police Departmetn.

As an effort to get drivers to slow down and to crack down on other driving violations, Greensboro Police were out on Wendover Avenue this morning.

In just two hours, more than 30 drivers were caught speeding.

If you think speeding is a problem in your neighborhood, you can actually tell the city about it, and they may send an officer out. You can just click the link here, and follow the instructions through the City of Greensboro.