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Longview family grateful to UPS driver who kicked in front door to save them from fire

"Through this whole situation, I definitely have faith in humanity again," Slater said.

LONGVIEW, Texas — Ben and Kateland Slater have both lived in Longview for most of their lives and while they knew the community was supportive during times of need, they didn't realize the impact until during their own crisis.

Monday, May 3, Ben was home alone laying down when around 8 p.m. he heard someone kick in his front door.

"(He) yelled UPS and I thought, wow they're really delivering their packages on point now," he said. "But anyways, he said, 'Is anybody in here... because your house is on fire."

Thanks to Daniel Carmical, the UPS driver, Ben was able to get out of his home, grab his dog and move his car away from the blaze. He said without Carmical, he's unsure how much of his family home would be standing.

"It's been in my family since the 50s," Ben explained. "He saved a lot by his quick actions and kicking in my door. And yeah, scare me at first, but essentially, you know, bringing light to the world."

Kateland learned about the fire through a text from her husband and when she arrived to her home, she found a busy scene which caused her to worry. However, she said Carmical isn't the only hero, but the Longview Fire Department as well.

"They (the firefighters) were so sweet, they kept coming outside to update us just make sure we were okay and kind of prepared us for what was happening," she said.

Firefighters were able to save the couple's wedding glasses and some other memorabilia.

Despite the good deeds, Kateland said the family was still feeling a bit defeated leaving their home that evening only to return in the morning to another act of kindness.

"The window that they had to knock out to push out some of the fire and get all the insulation out, our neighbors had actually come over and boarded up our window for us," she explained.

The family now knows it was an electrical fire in their breaker that started the blaze, but their insurance will cover the repairs. The house suffered damage to the ceiling and structural roof for more than half the home.

The Slater's both said they're grateful to the Longview community.

"Through this whole situation, I definitely have a new like faith in humanity again," said Kateland.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the Slaters. Click here to donate.