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Family Of NC Teen Who Died In Pool Sues 2 Electric Companies

The family of 17- year old Rachel Rosoff is suing two electric companies, saying negligence led to their daughter’s death.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The family of 17- year old Rachel Rosoff is suing two electric companies, saying negligence led to their daughter’s death.

One of the companies, Williams Electric Motor Repair is denying responsibility.

“Rachel paid the ultimate price,” said Rosoff family attorney Adam Neijna.

Williams Electric worked on the pool in 2011.

The company admits they never got a permit for the work, but did fix a break in an electrical line.

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Williams Electric says it also found bad wiring at the pool and recommended replacing it, but says the company that manages the pool, Aquatic Management Group, turned it down saying there wasn’t enough money in the neighborhood’s HOA budget

The family’s attorney says this shows Williams Electric knew the pool was unsafe but left it as is.

“They had a known danger, and that danger was not corrected,” said Rosoff family attorney David Kirby.

The second company, Future Connections, worked on the pool pump motor in 2015.

They have not yet responded to the suit, but the family says they too turned a blind eye to known safety issues.

Williams Electric is passing blame to Future Connections and to Aquatic Management Group for not making the pool safe.

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Finger pointing aside, the family’s attorneys say this points out a bigger issue.

“There is a real a present danger that exists across this state,” said Kirby

A public pool’s electrical system is not required to be inspected annually in North Carolina.

“We have hundreds and hundreds of pools in the state that are 20, 30, 40 years old,” explained Kirby.

There is legislation in the General Assembly now that hopes to change that, and Rosoff’s family says it can’t be ignored.

“It’s not matter of if it can happen again, it’s when,’ said Kirby.

“We can’t turn a blind eye to this because if you don’t’ learn from history you will repeat it and it’s inexcusable to have another child like Rachel die,” Neijna said.

The attorneys say they stand by the claims made in the complaint.

Future Connections is expected to respond in a few weeks.

CBS North Carolina reached out to Aquatic Management Group, but was told they don’t have a comment at this time.