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Family Waits As Police Dig For Missing Woman's Body


Greensboro, NC -- A fatherhas renewed hopeabout the daughter he thought he'd never be able to bury. Someone tipped off investigators to possible whereabouts of Sherri Jackson's body. They plan to begin digging in a yard near Pine Meadow CourtThursday morning.

It's a chance at closure her family did not expect to receive. Her father, McArthur Jackson, sayshe thought his daughter's body was long gone, and even possibly buried in a landfill somewhere.

Sherri Jackson disappeared in November 2006. Police charged Sherri's ex-boyfriend, Decarlo Bennet with her murder. But they never found Sherri's body.

"It's been a year and a half and no word, andI just didn't think that anyone would be coming forward with that information," says Jackson.

Blood and other evidence in Decarlo Bennet's car convinced investigators Sherri was dead. Now Greensboro police plan to begin searching a yard for her remains.

It's something that would give her father relief. "I hope they find the remains.. and if they do that's a chapter that's closed," he says.

McArthur Jackson remembers his daughter's smiles most. "She enjoyed laughing and having fun and joking and.. she just had a good.. beautiful personality." If investigators do find her body, the Jackson family plans to properly say goodbye to their daughter.

"I had just given up on that but it would be wonderful to take what we have and have a burial, and we can say, Sherri's buried here," says Jackson.

He adds he does not hate his daughter's killer. He says he is hoping for a conviction in the murder trial against Decarlo Bennet. He will be in court laterThursday morning.