REIDSVILLE, NC (WFMY) - A police officer who shot and killed a family’s dog earlier this month will return to his usual duties at the Reidsville Police Department.

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It comes after an investigation revealed officer Glen Wade was compliant with the department’s standards when he shot and killed the family's dog.

On Thursday, the department announced Wade would return to patrol duties.

In a statement, the attorneys of the Paschal family say the family is disappointed with the outcome of the police department's investigation. The statement reads in full:

We are deeply troubled by the statements and information released today regarding the unnecessary shooting death of the Paschal family’s dog, Auger. Statements made by Chief Hassell and the findings of the Police Department’s handpicked investigator ignore undisputed facts and make unfounded conclusions. The report does not accurately reflect the facts of the shooting. First, no witnesses reported that Auger was acting in an aggressive manner at any time prior to the shooting. Chief Hassel himself admitted at the press conference that he did not feel threatened by the dog at any time. Second, Officer Wade’s first shot at Auger occurred when the dog was beside the parked vehicle, this was corroborated by witnesses at the scene and those witnesses provided the City’s investigator with this information. Third, after Office Wade fired at Auger, the dog attempted to flee towards the open gate, where Officer Wade was standing. At no time did Auger charge Officer Wade. As shown on the video, Officer Wade simply stepped to the side as Auger was trying to run away. Fourth, Officer Wade continued to shoot at Auger as the dog attempted to flee, striking the dog twice--in the leg and neck. At no time did Auger attempt to charge at Officer Wade a “second time.” Officer Wade discharged his weapon no less than five times and as the video shows the Paschal’s young son took cover behind a near-by vehicle due to Officer Wade’s reckless shooting. The results of the investigation ignore these facts, opting instead to rely on the self-serving comments of Officer Wade. The Police Department’s attempt to characterize Auger as aggressive is contradicted by all those who came into contact with him – including individuals with the Reidsville Police Department. The proposition that in the course of his life, having met thousands of kids and adults, Auger, on August 7, 2018 chose to attack Officer Wade is absolutely ridiculous and the Paschal family is confident anyone in the community that met Auger will be outraged by the Police Department’s comments.

The use of the firearm was found appropriate by the investigating agency, U.S. Investigative Security Services. Wade was at the police department's impound lot to talk to Police Chief Robert Hassell and heard a dog barking 'aggressively.' Surveillance video shows the animal, an Australian cattle dog named Auger, running at Wade and then circling him.

"Officer Wade described the bark as aggressive, angry or in a snarling manner. Not consistent with someone wanting to play," said David Graham with the U.S. Investigative Security Services.

The Paschal family, who owns a fence company, said they were doing fence work at the police department's impound lot and Auger came with them. They said Auger had already been on the job site for the first two phases, and officers played with him several times.

WFMY News 2's Hannah Brewer asked, "why use deadly force and not pepper spray?"

"There was a very small amount of time to use any other option. But Officer Wade at that time used his firearm, which was found to be appropriate," said Chief Hassle.

The dog was shot twice as five rounds were fired. Wade's body camera was not on during the shooting. Hassell reiterated that officers can activate the body cam at their own discretion. Wade got numerous threats through social media and Hassell thought it was prudent to take him off regular duties and put him on the desk.

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Hassell said Wade is a six-year veteran of the force and "has an exemplary record."

He also said he can sympathize with the family for the loss of their pet and says the dept. sends their condolences.

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