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Flu Complication Kills NC Eighth Grader, Should You Worry?

We're talking about problems like organ failure, or swelling of the brain and heart.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Normally when you think of the flu, it is getting a cough, a fever, a sore throat.

This week though, there is a warning about bigger problems.

We're talking about problems like organ failure, or swelling of the brain and heart.

As of this Thursday, 68 people have died from the Flu this year in North Carolina. Unfortunately, at least one more from Raleigh might be added to that list.

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Families across the country dealing with the devastation of losing a loved one from the flu. One family in Texas lost their young son this past week.

"When I got there they told me he was gone. I can't comprehend why. He was so little," said Jasmine Solis.

According to social media posts the flu, or symptoms associated with the flu are also hitting here at home.

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In an update from a family health blog and a tweet from the head of Grace Christian School, Skyler McCardle an 8th grader there, died from a flu complication called Myocarditis.

That's inflammation of the heart.

Other complications also include encephalitis where the brain swells, and myositis where muscle tissues swell.

These are rare cases, but in  these complications from the flu can be deadly.

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We were able to speak with a Guilford County Doctor, Doctor Lawrence Schlanger from High Point  and he says this year's flu season has been more mild.

Doctor Schlanger also says it's still not too late to get your flu shot if you haven't.


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