CHARLOTTE, N.C. — It just doesn’t get any better than this! Chef Roberto Mendoza of Charlotte who has cooked for President Trump and former President Obama now has another winning moment in his life, thanks to his mom!

Mendoza said his mother was visiting him in Charlotte and urged him to buy a lottery ticket.

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“She told me she had a lucky feeling and knew I was going to win the lottery, so I bought a ticket.”

Mendoza bought a Hit $500 ticket from the 7-Eleven on Nations Ford Road in Charlotte.

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“My hands started shaking when I saw the numbers. I’ve been shaking ever since!”

He took home $176,876 and plans to use the money to finish building a cafeteria in the Dominican Republic to feed the hungry and homeless.

He said, “I have never won anything in my whole life and this is an incredible feeling. I just can’t believe it.”