GREENSBORO, N.C. -- We're in the single digits now. Just 9 days to go until Election Day.

Sunday, former President Bill Clinton was in Greensboro speaking to a few hundred people at LeBauer Park. He talked about the importance of this election and said it's a battle to define what it means to be an American in the 21st century.

"Not voting, especially in a battleground state like North Carolina, is almost as bad as voting wrong," said Former President Bill Clinton. "And on Election Day, every one of you are as powerful as the richest billionaire in America. Every one of you is as powerful as the president of the United States."

Clinton said voters must decide if we're all in this together or were not. He said his wife is the candidate who offers answers to the frustration Americans are feeling while he says the other party just wants you to stay mad.

"This is really about if we're stronger together or no we're not. This is really about answers are better than anger or no they're not. This really is about whether empowerment is better than rubbing salt in your wounds every day to make sure your mad at someone or no it's not," said Clinton.

Clinton talked about his wife's plans to increase minimum wage, mandate equal pay for equal work and make college affordable for everyone.

"She's the only person you can vote for that offers free tuition for community college and to public schools with incomes, families with incomes $125,000 or less but families anywhere under her plan, would be able to graduate debt free."