Most of us drive somewhere every day.

You and I, we see other cars pass by all the time. A team in Forsyth county is looking a little closer. They want to bust drug and human traffickers.

It's called the I-team, or Interdiction team.

Many of you had questions about how it all works, and we want to do our best to answer them.

Tim Freeze says "Borderline Entrapment".

Is it though? We went to someone who knows the law for the answer. 

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"Entrapment is more of a situation where a person is put in a situation where they break the law and they otherwise wouldn't have done that but for law enforcement putting them in that position," said Jones Byrd, a lawyer at Crumpler, Freedman, Parker and Witt.

So, Byrd said no, it's not entrapment.

There must be some reason to pull someone over, however it doesn't have to be much. It can be as simple as leaving your lane.

"If they're on the side of the road they can't just stop anybody that comes by just on a whim, it's gotta be more than that. They need to have reasonable and articulable suspicion that some criminal activity is a foot," said Byrd.

Another viewer, C.K. Lanning said "False, they are just trying to generate revenue by ticketing people."

The Sheriff's Office told WFMY News 2 it can be a good way to bring in money because if you seize any money they're able to re-purpose it.

Just to be clear, the I-Team's purpose is stopping drugs and people from being trafficked, not giving traffic tickets.