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'Life has a way of humbling you' | Forsyth County Sheriff speaks on the Salvation Army and the impact it had on his family

Sheriff Bobby Kimbrough Jr. and The Salvation Army have teamed up for an event to address homelessness. It reminded the Sheriff of a personal story he embraces.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Forsyth County Sheriff Bobby Kimbrough Jr. is teaming up with the Salvation Army Center of Hope to help people facing homelessness. 

They will be holding 'Home Plus 22' on September 30 at Bailey Park from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. 

The event will feature live music, inspirational stories, and donations to support needy families.

It's so much more than just helping out a good cause.

"When the idea was brought up to me and I was asked to participate in it it struck a chord in me," said Kimbrough.

Before Bobby Kimbrough Jr. was the Forsyth County Sheriff, behind his law enforcement duties is a story that shaped him.

"Life has a way of humbling you," said Kimbrough.

Thirteen years ago Kimbrough fathered a son with a woman he was not married to.

"My youngest son, his mother had some issues and so every month that was required by the court order until I got full custody of him that he had to go visit his mother," said Kimbrough. 

He said the mother would tell him to drop their son off at a family member's house.

"I took him to his sister's house which is where she asked me to bring him. So, maybe a week or two later we are going to church at Union which is where I am a member right across from the Salvation Army Center of Hope and my son said to me 'dad that's where I stay when I'm with my mom'," said Kimbrough.

Initially, he was upset, ready to report it. Instead, he kept listening to his 5-year-old son.

"I learned to find out what the place was, what they did there and I asked him are you alright and he said 'yes dad it's fun its a lot of other kids there and I laugh and play with them and watch TV in the TV room'," said Kimbrough. 

His son is 18 years old now. Ever since, Kimbrough and his son have had a passion for supporting the Salvation Army. 

It's something the group greatly appreciates.

"We often think about this image that we have of what a homeless person is or looks like or what the experience is and we aren't always fully aware that these are people that live in the neighborhood with us, who have had a crisis but have worked to overcome them," said Salvation Army Area Commander Major Andrew Wiley. 

Kimbrough hopes many come out to the event next Friday to learn more about how people can help those in need. 

"This is the only center that allows children and parents to live there until they can get on their feet. Not only is it just a shelter or giving you food, clothing it's giving you hope," said Kimbrough. 

Wiley says the Salvation Army Center of Hope has been in Forsyth County for more than 114 years. 

It is the only family shelter for homeless families in Forsyth County. 

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