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'Chaotic' Fourth of July weekend in High Point, police say much of the trouble was from outsiders

The worst of the 911 calls included a juvenile struck in the face by a firework on his front porch, and a woman also on her front porch hit in the neck.

HIGH POINT, N.C. — There were several firework-related injuries out of High Point on Fourth of July weekend.

High Point Police said they responded to 136 firework calls overall.

The worst of the calls included a juvenile struck in the face by a firework on his front porch, and a woman also on her front porch hit in the neck.

There was also one report of celebratory gunfire that could have gone horribly wrong. 

Police said the bullet went up, and came back down, entering the window of a child. Thankfully that child wasn't hurt.

Statement about July 4th weekend from High Point Police:

While the City of High Point managed to avoid a major violent incident we were not absent from plenty of activity that kept officers busy. In many cases had it not been for the training of our officers and the decisions made by police supervision and command any of those calls could have easily escalated into much more.

Credit: High Point Police

Officers spoke with several residents of the affected areas who all were frustrated by the lack of care or concern demonstrated by those individuals who came to their neighborhoods (many of which did not live there) and caused chaos. As a law enforcement agency many of our interactions with community members and guests are predicated on the types of activities they engage in, the participating individual's actions clearly demonstrated the need for law enforcement intervention in most cases police supervisors made decisions on the appropriate actions to take with the interest of the city as a whole in mind.

Events from the weekend:

  • A juvenile who was on his porch was struck in the face by fireworks. The house and the front door were damaged while smoke filled the residence from a firework that entered the home.
  • A resident who was seated in a chair on her front porch was hit in the neck and on her left side by fireworks. The fireworks also caused holes in the front porch and damage to the home.
  • A vacant residence in that block was being used for drug activity and as a hang out spot.
  • Juveniles and adult individuals were continuously riding dirt bikes which included careless and wreckless stunts in the roadway. 
  • Hundreds of individuals in the roadway and in yards in many cases blocking the roadway in the event police, fire, or EMS would have needed access into the area.
  • There were numerous fights and disturbances which were likely caused by individuals shooting fireworks at each other.
  • Officers also dealt with very large crowds and similar activities on Kroll Ln (700 block), Gavin Dr (1600 block), Walnut St/Green Dr (which was completely impassible), and Waynick St. 
  • Officers responded to Ellwood Dr. for a report of damage to a vehicle that resulted from firearms debris falling on the car. (2020-19250)
  • Officers responded to a Hedrick Ave. address for a house that was damaged as a result of gunfire. It is presumed this was the result of “celebratory” 4th of July gunfire and the house was not intentionally targeted. The bullet entered the window of a child. No one was injured in this incident. (2020-19243)
  • Officers responded to a shots fired call on Academy Street where they saw and encountered an individual shooting a firearm in the parking lot who fled into a house upon the sight of officers. A search warrant was executed, and a .25 caliber Raven Arms firearm was recovered. 2020-19230.
  • One person was arrested in this incident: 30-year-old Justin A. Wright 
Credit: High Point Police
  • Charged with Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon, Discharging a Firearm in City Limits and Resist, Delay and Obstruct a Police Officer. He was confined to the Guilford County (High Point) Jail under a $30,000 secured bond.

In Greensboro, police said officers responded to 40 firework calls, and made no arrests.

The Greensboro Fire Department said there were no firework-related fires either.