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Fox Attacks Greensboro Man, Second Incident In A Week

Bill Nolan was attacked in his front yard by a fox while coming back from his daily walk.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Although some neighbors say it's not unusual to see foxes in their back yard, others say it's concerning to hear the animals have attacked people. 

Bill Nolan says he was returning from a daily walk when a fox came out from the bushes in his yard and attacked him. Nolan said he could see the animal's teeth when it bit him in the ankle, hand, and elbow. It wasn't until Nolan fell to the ground that he was able to kick the fox in the face, and fight it off. The fox let out a squeal, according to Nolan, before running off. 

Nolan's encounter was not the only one in the last week, according to Guilford County Animal Services. Lisa Lee, Community Engagement Manager said there was another attack before a fox was found dead in the middle of the road over the weekend, in the same area the two attacks were reported.

"At this point in time we are working with the Department of Public Health and the health director to see if we need to send this fox off," said Lee.

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"It's not one hundred percent sure that it’s the same fox. It could be a totally different fox, but there have been a high incidents of fox attacks in the area so were taking everything very seriously."

Lee said it's possible the dead fox was the same one involved in the attacks. However, they won't be able to tell definitively. "There’s no way to ID that exact fox, but being that it was found DOA a couple hours, or a day or so after the attacks and that it was in that area," said Lee.

"Is it a good possibility? Yes. Is it one hundred percent? No."

Lee said there are steps you can take to protect your pets from rabid animals. "It's very important that everybody has their animals up to date and current on their rabies," said Lee. 

"So if your dog trees a raccoon or comes into contact with a suspected rabid animal and your dog is current on their rabies, all they’re going to need is a simple booster shot." 

If you see a wild animal in your yard or neighborhood, Lee said it's crucial to be aware and alert. 

"Do not engage. Basically, just keep an eye on them if you think that they’re acting strange or weird or anything like that, please call animal control, well dispatch an officer to take a look at it," said Lee.

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