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Increased security checks at GCS, district potentially adding body scanners to increase safety

The NC Department of Public Safety ordered state law enforcement agencies to conduct checks in schools statewide.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Guilford County Schools sent an email out to parents Friday that told them there will be regular security checks at school buildings through the rest of the year. 

These security checks were ordered by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, they will be done by state law enforcement agencies at schools statewide through the end of the school year.

Monchell Baker, who has 5 kids in the district, wonders why this wasn't done sooner. 

"We had Columbine, we've had Florida shootings and it wasn't serious then when it should have and it's like how many more casualties how many more of our kids have to die for the security to be increasing our schools," Baker said.

Another change that's on the table is adding body scanning technology to some high schools. The district says it put out a bid for body scanners earlier in the school year, prior to the school shooting in Texas.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools already use these systems. That district worked with Evolv Technology to receive body scanners. 

"A lot of traditional security systems require people to stop and take things out of their pockets that creates anxiety and also creates a line which itself is a threat, so we've eliminated the lines by using technology that lets people walk right through and detect weapons that may be concealed on them," Evolv Technology CEO Anil Chitkara said. 

Chitkara says they work with hundreds of school districts across the country. He says they make sure to communicate with teachers, staff and school resource officers about their specific needs. 

"If we can provide a safe environment with the school safety folks and let them focus on the learning not on the potential threats that is a must much better environment for kids in our teachers," Chitkara said. 

For Baker, she says she likes the idea of body scanners and hopes it's something the district actually decides to pursue. 

"I want my kids to be safe. I put my kids in specific schools to try to increase their safety but everybody deserves that right," Baker said. 

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