GRAHAM, NC - Some might think the days of drive-in movie theaters are done, but one company is trying to bring back some mobile movie magic.

I-40 Drive-In is a 34 acre drive-in movie theater that is in the works in Graham. The property was bought on Thursday by Court Square Development Group, who also owns Graham Cinemas and Colonial Hardware.

The theater would include five screens, a mini golf course, a gaming area, a family friendly area, a restaurant, and a room for around 1,000 cars.

"It is going to be a great opportunity to play with the kids," explained Jennifer Talley.

The company is working with the city and is aiming to open around April of 2018. Below are preliminary plans of where each screen will be.

Preliminary Plans for I-40 Drive-In 
Preliminary Plans for I-40 Drive-In 

One of the owners of the new drive in, Martin Murray - A Southern Alamance High School graduate, also owns three drive-in theaters in Texas.

Talley says that with Murray's experience, the I-40 Drive-In will be a success,

Having the knowledge will make us successful. The community loves to go to something that brings up old memories and creates new ones.

The theater will be offering double features, which includes movies as soon as they come out. Talley says she estimates ticket prices would range from $7 for adults and $3 for kids.