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10 Gift Ideas That Are Tasty, Affordable and Made in North Carolina

YES! Weekly takes you shopping on the Triadfoodies 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Skip the lines and the hassle; Triadfoodies is helping you find the perfect gift. These gifts are tasty, affordable and made right here in North Carolina!

Kristi Maier is a Food Writer with YES! Weekly and Triadfoodies.com.

She says the 2018 Holiday gift guide is by far the best yet!

"I naturally come across new and fun local producers that make the season brighter. It is my duty to let you know who they are and how to get them for your stocking, your tree or table," writes Maier in the latest edition of YES! Weekly.

Maier showcased some of the items Wednesday on the Good Morning Show.

-  Abby's Better Nut Butter and Date Pecan Butter

- Y'all Sauce goes with everything. 

- As Good As It Gets Salsa

- Bee Pollen by Colony Urban Farm Store Bee pollen

"Yes you can eat it," says Maier.  "It's fruity, floral and nutty. It tastes to me like a honey infused grape nut cereal."

- 14-Degrees Coffee

- Small Seed Bar 

Maier says the food is both vegan and delicious. 

- Batistini Farms Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cooking and Condiments 

- Shady Creek Farm Facial Scrubs

"You know how sometimes we like to mix it up and throw in something that's not food? Well, this is one of those times. And our favorite non-food this year is a reusable facial scrub from Dallas, NC," said Maier.

You can read more about the items featured in this year's Triadfoodies Holiday Gift Guide in this month's publication which is in stores now.  You can also click here to be directed to Maier's YES! Weekly article.