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2 the Rescue: Meet Gina

This gal is an old soul with a lot of love to give.

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — Gina is a 10 year old Labrador retriever/Great Dane mix who just recently came to us.

She is a really gentle, easy-going girl.  Gina walks nicely on a leash and would Iove nothing more than to have a family to hang out with.  She’s very friendly and loves attention.  Gina is heartworm positive, but the shelter has a Have a Heart fund which allows the adopter to foster her at their home while she receives heartworm treatment through the shelter.  Once this is complete then she’s ready for her family to officiallly adopt her.


Right now, we have a number of senior dogs like Gina.  We consider a dog to be a senior when they’re 7 years old or older.  Senior dogs make wonderful pets.  They’re generally calm and easy going.  They’re easier to walk on leash because they’ve got their crazy puppy energy out.  They’re also much less likely to chew up your shoes or furniture because they’re past that chewing stage.  They still have lots of life left in them - they’ve just taken the edge off the energy.  They make  devoted companions.  Lots of people come to the shelter looking for a calm dog that’s easy to walk, and we’ve got a number of seniors who would wonderful easy-going, gentle pets.


If you’re interested in meeting Gina or any of our other senior (or junior) dogs, come to Guilford County Animal Shelter and visit with her.  She’s ready to go home and start her life with you.