HIGH POINT, NC -- Publix is officially open in High Point! The Florida-based grocery chain announced it would be expanding in the Triad last year. On Wednesday the store welcomed shoppers with a ribbon cutting and free samples.

This is the second Publix store to open in the Triad. Last year the chain opened in the Ardmore neighborhood of Winston-Salem. They have plans to open a store in Clemmons next year. Publix prides itself on great customer service, a wide selection and fresh, ready-to-eat food.

"As we look to grow across the state, specifically the Triad, High Point was a perfect area to kind of round out that growth. High Point is going through a revitalization, it’s growing, so Publix is just excited to be a part of that and we say an opportunity to serve even more residents right here in town," Kim Reynolds, a Publix spokesperson, said.

Customers began lining up before the doors were open. Angela Seus arrived at 3:15 a.m. She's never shopped at a Publix before but has high expectations.

"[I want to see] the organization, hopefully, and the easy layout of the store. Because I have two kids and going grocery shopping with two kids is kind of difficult so I want to be able get in and get out," she said.

Second in line was Etta Bennett who says she's ready for a new grocery option in High Point.

"I wanted to see what it was all about. I had heard about Publix from people over in Winston. Like the great parking deck, the great foods and I wanted to see it for myself," Bennett said.

The new store created 140 new jobs, 100 of those positions were filled by local people. Reynolds says that's the case for every Publix opened. The chain also hopes the new location helps High Point's growing economy.

"Often we’re revitalizing shopping centers we’re in and really we’re just looking to be a strong community partner so making investments right here in our community," Reynolds said.