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Mad Science creates fun at-home experiments for kids

Need a way to keep the kids engaged this Summer? Mad Science in Winston-Salem will keep your little ones smiling, all while learning science!

Parents are having to find creative ways to keep kids engaged with learning over the summer. Carolyn "Professor Ella-ment" Kesler is a scientist with Mad Science in Winston-Salem. 

Mad Science has recreated its most popular camps and classes to be interactive. Kids can participate with a Mad Scientist on a live zoom session using items found at home or we can send everything you need. 

This morning we tried the Freeze Fishing experiment. 

What you need:

Ice cube


String, about 15cm (6") long


What you do:

Step 1: Wet an ice cube and put it on the plate.

Step 2: Wet the string and place it across the top of the ice cube. 

Step 3: Sprinkle a little bit of salt on top of the ice cube and the string.

Step 4: Count to five and lift the loose end of the string. The ice cube should come with it!

What's going on?

When salt is added to water, it lowers its temperature. Sometimes you will see salt being put on icy roads. The salt helps the ice on the road melt because it drops the freezing point of the water. The string absorbs water and there is water on the surface of the ice cube because you rinsed it. If you add salt, it causes the water to re-freeze on the ice cube. 

Now try this:

Try this experiment with other types of string such as shoelaces or sewing thread. Is there a difference? Which one lets you lift the ice cube the highest off the plate? 

Mad Science has a variety of virtual summer programs for all ages from preschool through 6 grade. Families can choose from daily afternoon classes, interactive week-long camps, or on demand series featuring videos of Mad Scientists performing their favorite classes. Or check with your local library to see when Mad Science is scheduled to participate in the Imagine Your Story library series. 

And if the child in your life really loves science, Mad Science has perfected the virtual birthday party experience. Using zoom, the birthday girl or boy and friends can join a Mad Scientist with games, experiments, and sometimes included to just chat. You can even have a Mad Scientist deliver supplies and join in a Birthday car parade. 

Check out our children's science events and programming by checking out their website.