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Balancing virtual work with school and kids in 2021

A new year may come with a new need for a new routine and balance, as some kids return to the classroom and others remain at home.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Some Winston-Salem/Forsyth County students are the latest to return to school this week while others are continuing to learn from home. 

And even though it’s been months now, it can still be hard to find a routine especially now that we’re in a new year and perhaps, kids are participating in new activities.

Many parents and kids have been working and learning from home for about 9 to 10 months now. It would seem that everyone would be settled into a routine, but the novelty of the new routine has worn off. 

Young children grow and develop at different paces, which means that their needs change as well. They can go through phases where they either want or need more of their parents’ attention. 

Kids suffer from pandemic fatigue too. And having mom or dad working in another room in the house can be very tempting to reach out as they need their parents.

Here are a few suggestions to balance time with your children while working from home. It would be helpful to coordinate your daily schedule with theirs. When can you take a break to spend 5-10 minutes with them during the workday? 

It’s about the quality of the time you’re together so be sure to not be on your phone or give them divided attention because they can feel it and it can cause resentment and contribute to misbehavior. 

Perhaps, plan your lunchtime together or take a short break for a quick game or chat.

There are times when you’re busy and can’t stop what you’re doing to give your attention. When you’re busy, particularly with an important call or project that you’re working on, it’s quite natural to not want to be interrupted. 

Think about ways your kids can tell you that they need your attention. Whether it’s a card with a signal on it, which they know you’ll get to them as soon as you can. If you say in just a minute, then make sure that it’s just a minute so your kids know that they can count on you and you mean what you say.

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