Just a few more days before there's a mad dash for those black Friday sales. And the mad dash starts in the parking lots from finding a parking spot to leaving the store with your purchases. Black Friday headaches can start in the parking lots.

It's counter intuitive, but being nice can make you an easier target. It's crazy to think this way, but when you're nice and helpful then you leave yourself vulnerable because you're distracted. Let's say that you're at your car when someone asks you for directions. Your car door is open with your packages inside. When you get in your car, you notice that your packages are gone. You can help people at a distance. This means that you can tell security once you're safely in the store. 

It's annoying when someone takes the parking spot that you've been waiting for. When this happens, you might want to tell the person some choice words. Keep this in mind, you don't know if you and that person will end up at the same store or will cross paths again later. It's better to be inconvenienced and find another parking spot, which is likely avoid any further problems. When it comes to your safety, you got to anticipate other people's moves. 

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