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Body language in your job interview

How to position yourself to get the job

 Let's discuss specific body language tips to help you ace your interview.

Let’s start with a common mistake to avoid. A common mistake a job seeker makes when trying to come across confidently is using a stern tone of voice or a monotone. Gruff can make you come across as unfriendly and serious and that you lack a personality. Realize that part of the job interview is determining how you fit into the company culture. Many organizations want employees who are easygoing and yet, work hard.

Use a hand steeple when you’re saying something important and want to come across as competent and confident. This is where the fingertips of each hand touch.

We like people who are like us. That’s human nature. One way to establish rapport is to show interest in the hiring manager. This means that you mimic their body language. If they lean forward, then wait a few seconds and do the same.

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