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Body Language in Communication

Not everything is said verbally, it’s also said in physical cues

There are different types of makeovers, whether it’s for your home like a renovation or you like a new hairstyle, make-up, or clothing. But, have you thought about the way you communicate make-up? Make sure that you’re sharing what you think you are. Let’s talk about a body language makeover. How is your body language sending different messages than your words?

You communicate what you feel through your body language. You show it in your body language when you don’t want to tell someone what you’re feeling. You convey your emotions through your body language. You tend to show what you think you’re hiding or minimizing in your nonverbals.  It’s like your body has a pressure valve for your emotions. And when the pressure is too much, your emotions have to find a way to escape, and they do through your body language. This is why it’s difficult to hide your true feelings.

The most common way you misinterpret body language is by believing that there’s a universal meaning for each body language gesture. And this isn’t factual.

You have to pay attention to how emotions impact your body. Where do you feel your emotions when you’re angry, sad, happy, confused, or surprised? Does your breathing change? Does your face get hot? Do you pull away? What facial expressions do you make? Do you physically withdraw? And after you get a sense of your body language, see what impact it has on other people when you interact. How do they respond to you?

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